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Organic Hay Fodder System Goats Horses Pigs Cows Sheep - $250

  Organic Hay Fodder System Goats Horses Pigs Cows Sheep - $250

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fodderfeed.orgThe science shows that there is great nutritional benefit provided by hydroponic sprouted grain and it is suitable for all livestock including, sheep, cattle, horses, goats, lamas chickens, rabbits, rats, pigs, etc and provides animals with improved growth and overall health. Our hydroponic fodder feed systems are producing high quality ,economical animal feed particularly suited to every environment, but especially those environments that experience drought, land shortages, short growing seasons and climate difficulties. A fodder feed system will give you, year round, super nutritious feed for your animals at a great unbeatable price.We offer the right size system to meet your needs at the right price. You shouldn't have to pay for a system that produces more feed than you need. Our 6 Tray system produces up to10- 12 pounds of fodder to feed a couple horses, or we can set you up with a 18 Tray system that produces up to 35- 45 pounds of Fresh Fodder. We can help you figure your needs based on the weight of your animal. Grow barley, wheat, corn, peas, sunflowers whatever your preference.It takes six days to produce the Fodder mat. The Fodder mat is fed roots and all so there is no waste.1 pound of seed will make about 6 pounds of Fodder.Nutrition/Amounts:Fodder is 80% digestible as compared to 30% for dry grainFodder is a little over 20% protein.Vitamin A and enzymes are very high in FodderBarley Fodder is slightly more nutritious than wheat Fodder.Day six is where the Fodder has its highest nutrient content.Animals:# of animals for a 6 tray system: # of animals for a 12 tray system40 chickens 80 chickens30 rabbits 60 rabbits1 horse 2 horses4 milking goats 8 milking goats1 milking cowThe 6 tray system is $250.00 The 12 tray is $350.00 and the 18 tray system is $450.00 All you do is add seed and water. Please visit my website for more information.

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